Delicious Fried Coconut Mandazi: Mandazi Ya Nazi

mandazi 1

3 regular level teacups of plain flour
1 teaspoon of instant yeast
7 -8 tablespoons of sugar or to taste
1/4 teaspoon of finely grinded cardamom powder
¾ cup heavy coconut milk
Some light coconut milk (just enough to make soft but not sticky dough, about ½ to ¾ cup, add bit by bit at a time)


Sieve flour
B} Add sugar, cardamom and yeast directly into it
C} Start kneading with the coconut milk adding a little at a time till you have nice soft dough, not sticky but firm
D} Knead it for about 10 to 12 minutes, pounding it as much as possible.
E} Check if the dough has been kneaded well —> roll it into a small ball and cut it in the middle by using a sharp knife, it should have slightly bubbles in the inside

mandazi step by step

F} Divide the dough into four balls {Please check the photo above}
F} Roll out each ball to a circle of about quarter of an inch thickness and cut into 4 quarters
G} Place mandazi pieces on a floured surface so they don’t stick
H} Cover them with papers and let them stay outside for few hours until they rise and ready to be fried.
I} Fry them in pre-heated hot oil, on medium heat (Use a big pan). Make sure not to let them rise too much in the oil before turning; otherwise they will burst or bubble. The minute each starts rising in the oil, turn it over
J} remove them from the oil when both sides have turned brown
K} Repeat the same process with the remaining mandazi
L} Serve with gungo peas or any curry as main meal, or with hot or cold drink as breakfast or you can have them as snacks

Written by Farhat

Farhat Abbas


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  1. Aslam aleykum,your website ni nzuri na imenisaidia sana kwenye mapisha,ingawa maandazi bado nilikuwa naomba recipe ya puff maandazi tafadhali!inshallah be blessed

  2. A,aleykum mumy nashindwa kujua kitu kimoja napenda xna catress ila nimejaribu kupika nikizikaanga mbona haziwi ngumu naomba nifahamishe mumy

  3. Thank you for the recipe cause zinatusaidia sana but please help us kuweka na kwa kiswahili mamy ili tupate kuelewa zaidi na kuwapa nafasi wale ambao hawaelewi english… please tufikirie kwa hilo

    • You’re welcome darling. I am glad to hear that u will enjoy ur potatoes in so many ways hahahahaha… Actually i have so many potato recipes coming soon. Stay tuned darling

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