About Me

Please Join me on my food adventure, I just love to cook and bake so much and this website is for you, YES YOU the food lover, I believe freshly cooked meals or homemade dishes taste delicious and are healthier too, so it is double whammy, moreover we all love eating food that looks gorgeous and taste yummy.

I love my food so much and I thought it will be great to share my recipes with lovely people all over the world. I started with Instagram food and cake pages, then from there I went and opened Fan page on Facebook, still I felt like that wasn’t enough as I want to reach more people therefore I went ahead and developed a website where you and your dearest ones can discover your passion for cooking too, the place where all of us can share different ideas about cooking and share the best recipes from any corner of this wonderful land hence present to you my website.

My love for cooking pushed me to go and attend various courses and training at Manchester College and Stockport College.

I also love giving back to the community; currently I am posting some recipes for Ummah website {www.ummah.co.ke} and jaridaleo website {www.jaridaleo.co.ke}. Both websites are based in Kenya, East Africa. You will find some of my recipes on Ummah’s website under Lifestyle and on Jaridaleo’s website under mienendo. Please feel free to check them out.

Definitely the sky is the limit for me and hope we will have fun together.

Watch the space.



  1. Iara Da Silva said:

    My dear I love your website and I am definitely be going on this yummy adventure with you!
    Thank you for sharing and all the best!!

    • adminadmin said:

      Thanks so much my darling. Same to you all the best in everything you are doing. I will definitely miss you and the kids!
      Much love

    • adminadmin said:

      Please feel free to follow me on instngram, username is —> farhatyummy, twitter username is —>farhatyummy and facebook fan page username is —>farhat yummy food.

      Thanks a lot.

  2. Lydia Paul said:

    Naiman nitajifunza kupika kupitia recipes unazotoa tunashukuru kwa kushare na sisi bila choyo MUNGU akubariki

  3. manaj khan said:

    Slams I want to cook swahili mitai I have only gt self raising flour

    • adminadmin said:

      Salms dear. It’s always great to follow the actual recipe as it requires for the great outcome/ results, therefore make sure to have all the ingredients before you start working on your mitai. Hope that helps hun

  4. Maria said:

    Hellooooo from Brazil! \○/Searching here your recipes dear! (And searching that sweet we ate)
    Congrats for your blog! Loved the recipes! <3

    • adminadmin said:

      Aaawww…. thanks so much my sweetheart, i hope have you found what you wanted, i will share a video soon on Kimati {sweet dumplings} and definitely will let you know once it’s done.

  5. Quinter said:

    Good work, I love your recipes for sure I know I am going to learn more. Thanks for sharing them.

    • adminadmin said:

      Aaawww….. thanks so much hun. I am so humbled to hear that, definitely you will and i am sure we are going to enjoy together this journey of cooking hahahaha…..